Planning Your Business Succession Early

The succession process has the potential to bring down your business if it is not well executed. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls.

Posted by Your Local Expert - August 12, 2018

Business succession is essential

Business succession is an essential process for any business. Your replacement will at some point happen, be it due to death, incapacitation or retirement; planning for your replacement will save the business from the risk of grounded operations due to lack or shortage of qualified personnel. The planning helps in recruiting your best replacement and allowing them to acclimatize with the business processes leading to a smooth transition. Below is a simplified guide to planning your business succession;

Choose a successor you can trust

The succession process has the potential to bring down your business if it is not well executed. To avoid such a scenario, ensure that you look for a qualified and trustworthy successor. The success should be ready to uplift the business's culture and thus maintain or improve its profitability.

Document all the succession plan

The succession process could get ugly especially if your exit were as a result of death or incapacitation. To prevent leadership wrangles in the business, always keep a clear record with several witnesses that candidly gives the guideline of the transition process.

Start to nurture talents from your workforce early

Exiting your business requires a well-calculated move that will not affect the operations of the business in any way. Your internal employees have grown with you, and they have full knowledge of the business culture as well as the operation module of the business. This ensures a smooth continuation of the business operations even in your absence.

Set aside finances for smooth transition

The process of exiting the business is sometimes very costly. It may require funds to offset bills incurred due to death or incapacitation. The death of the partner in a partnership would require money to buy off his shares in the business. All these financial burdens can quickly bring down the business. Proper planning is, therefore, vital.

Benefits of early planning for succession

  1. Helps in preventing a last minute rush on the succession. The rush is detrimental as it can lead to loss of critical employees who are not identified as the successors.
  2. Training and evaluation. Planning provides an early opportunity to fish the best talents that will be helpful in attaining the objectives of the business successfully after your retirement.
  3. Saves money and time. Early planning prevents the expensive and time-consuming process of identifying a successor in the last minute of the owner's existence in the business.
  4. Build confidence in all the stakeholders. Early planning depicts an organized business that is ready to continue with the operations even after some vital employees leave. This boosts the business' stability.

Early planning of business succession is an important aspect of any serious business. The benefits of early planning of the succession cannot be overemphasized; it is beneficial and necessary for any business.