Ireland's Biggest IPO's

Ireland has been rated as one of the best regions in the world to do business. The environment is business friendly and this has seen major companies to establish offices in Dublin. and the rest of Ireland.

Posted by Your Local Expert - October 12, 2018

Companies utilise the IPO window to raise the capital necessary for the private companies' expansion and investments. The IPO is an Initial Offer to the Public to invest their resources in the company through buying of the company's shares. The success of the process is dependent on several market forces that can either boost the public's confidence in the potential growth of the business or destroy the public image. All investors are keen on making wise and informed investment decisions; a negative public image is, therefore, detrimental to the performance of the IPO window. The listing process is a complicated one that requires expert's opinions and lengthy consultations. In Ireland, the companies are listed in Irish Stock Exchange which forms the platform for the investors to buy the shares and later on trade on them. Ireland's companies trading in the stock exchange has recorded mixed reactions with some companies recording massive subscriptions amounting to millions of dollars. Here is a list of businesses that has performed well in the Irish Stock Exchange;

Ireland has been rated as one of the best regions in the world to do business. The environment is business friendly and this has seen major companies to establish offices in Dublin and other towns in Ireland. This has also made the Irish Stock Exchange one of the most vibrant in the world having traded the following major IPO’s;


This is a life science company in Ireland. The company is located in Dun Laoghaire in Dublin, the location being strategic due to small tax charges and an ideal environment for operation. It has had one of the most successful IPO windows in Ireland. It was floated in the Enterprise Securities Market on the Irish Stock Exchange and raised an incredible €330M. This performance was not only the best in Ireland's life science industry but also gained the title of the best IPO floated in the entire Europe. The company was established with the aim of investing in the life sciences sector, and it has grown in leaps and bounds to be one of the richest companies in Ireland regarding asset value. The growth of the company can only keep the shareholders smiling as the share value continues to rise significantly and the dividends values remain very juicy.

    Facebook IPO

This IPO is dramatic; the first floating of the IPO saw a shocking decrease in value, the public bought the shares at $45 only for it to go down to a low of $17.55. The IPO floated in 2012 brought a lot of excitement in Ireland and the world over, and people expected it to have the best results; this was not to be as disappointment set in the very first week after floating. The shares, however, made a dramatic return with the prices beginning to stabilize.

    Bank of Ireland

The bank is known to have been a king on the Irish Stock Exchange platform. The bank of Ireland raised significantly high amounts and even surpassed the market cap on market capitalization.


Irish Stock Exchange has received mixed results in the level of success achieved by companies floating their IPO. Some offerings raised significant amounts while others traded below the bar. This is commensurate well with the stock exchange worldwide; there has been an inexplicable bubble that has seen the predictability of the IPO success hit bottom lows. The IPO of the Facebook was a big disappointment to many investors as, despite it being one of the greatest IPO on the Irish Stock Exchange, did not perform as the investors had anticipated.