Mind Your Business

Let's talk about business & money in Ireland... Why is car insurance so high? Can unchecked economic growth continue? Is a recession coming? How can you manage your money better? Check out some of our guides and see if we can help answer these fundamental issues...

Low Cost Personal Loans in Ireland

What options do residents of Ireland have in securing loans compared to the rest of the EU? Our borrowing guide shares with you your best options.

Brexit: Will we get some clarity?

It's been a battle for Prime Minister Theresa May this year and she has managed to survive votes of no-confidence. But now comes the real challenge...

Car Loans and Finance in Ireland

Car loans and finance in Ireland. Is it the next bubble? Could it crash the economy?

Is a Business Merger Right for Your Business?

Before you start the consolidation, you need to be sure of what the business will achieve from the merger.

Getting a mortgage in Ireland

With property prices soaring and tighter lending rules coming into effect, getting a mortgage is fast becoming one of life's most challenging problems for young people in Ireland. What can you do to improve your chances of getting a mortgage in Ireland?

Gas & Electricity Prices in Ireland

New figures reveal we pay more than most of households in the EU. Why are Irish consumers are being forced to pay more for gas and electricity?

Cash Flow in Business is King

When it comes to business cash flow is king. But why?

Ireland's Biggest IPO's

Ireland has been rated as one of the best regions in the world to do business. The environment is business friendly and this has seen major companies to establish offices in Dublin. and the rest of Ireland.

Planning Your Business Succession Early

The succession process has the potential to bring down your business if it is not well executed. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls.